The Grist: Brulosophy, Home Brew Talk, Jason Notte, Tom Daykin

The Grist - 19.07.2015

Here’s this week’s top 4 posts from around the home brewing / craft beer community:

Shaking #$%@ up

Greg Foster, writing for Brulosophy, on shaking vs directly adding o2 to aerate:

I’ve been so committed to the idea pure O2 is an essential component to good beer that I’ve delayed brewing due to an empty tank. And you know what? It was worth it, my beers got better! The forum posts were right, pure O2 really did make a difference. I basked in the glory of my shiny new rig, confident I’d made a worthy investment. Or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

The ExBEERiment that followed had a bit of a rocky reception online (especially reddit). Why?

Greg used dry yeast, which apparently doesn’t require aeration.

But this didn’t make the article pointless.

It shook shit up. People started asking things like “is oxygenating redundant [when using] a starter?” (Thanks /u/christobass).

Yep, I’d bet on this question being considered in an upcoming ExBEERiment.

I fought the law and the…

Josh Charig writing for Home Brew Talk:

Brewing and beer have been such integral parts of many societies throughout history it’s no surprise kings, queens and governments have tried to control it, both in production and consumption.

And don’t forget the pesky Church! But really, this post’s a killer.

Who pissed in your radler?

Jason Notte,

There is nobody more insufferable to drink a beer with than the fruit-beer misogynist. This is the person who’ll ruin just about any summer party by laughing at your lemony wheat beer, ridiculing your radler or bemoaning anything with a blueberry or blackberry in it.

What?! I love a good radler.

And guess what – so does Früh! (check out their Breakfast Radler!) So, we’re in good company.

But whatever. If you like it, drink it.

Then make a better homebrew version.

Pabst moves back to historic brewery

Tom Daykin,

The company will use the brewery to experiment with Pabst recipes for discontinued brands such as Old Tankard Ale, Kloster Beer and other beers made before Prohibition.

I can see all the bike couriers jumping with joy.

‘Til next week!

Do you have any favourite home brew / craft beer blog posts from this week that I didn’t mention? See you in the comments!

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