FastFerment Conical Fermenter Review Part 1

Part 1: an Introduction

Maybe six or seven months ago I was browsing the net on my mobile, when I came across a product called the FastFerment, an HDPE plastic conical fermenter for an astonishingly low price of $99 (£79.98 at BrewUK). I’d always wanted to try out a conical fermenter, but had been completely put off by the price, so I was buzzing. My pulse raised as I quickly searched for a distributor in the UK; however, to my dismay, there wasn’t one.

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Søren Kierkegaard on Brewing Equipment

Philosophy and Brewing

Believe it or not, I used to be a Philosophy major. Besides a load of student debt, and a penchant for discourse, I left that time behind and went on to get a ‘real’ job. Nevertheless, I often find myself reading over old textbooks and digging up old quotes which interested me all those years back. One that recently came to mind was written by Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher. [Read more…]

Bottle Beer and Harvest Yeast

Introduction: How to Bottle Beer and Harvest Yeast

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “to kill two birds with one stone,” and when you are bottling your homebrew you can do just that. In this case, you can bottle your beer and harvest yeast at the same time. In this two minute tutorial, I’m going to show you how to bottle beer and harvest yeast.

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Brewferm Malt Mill Review

It’s now been a couple of years since I started brewing beer using the BIAB method. Sure, I could have started with extract, as many brewers do with great results. However, to me, extract brewing never interested me. Why? Because it doesn’t call upon the use of grain. I put this down to my background in the kitchen. Whenever I can, I make my own stocks for use in soups, sauces,  and other recipes. Using a stock cube doesn’t interest me. It may be easier, and less time consuming, but I find the joy in cooking, as I do brewing, from scratch.

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Kölsch V.1

Kölsch V.1
  • Batch size: 5 Gallon (72% efficiency)
  • ABV: 4.71%
  • OG: 1.049 SG
  • FG: 1.013 SG
  • IBUs: 23.8
  • Color: 6.9 EBC

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