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When I first decided to start a blog, I began to have flash backs of my younger days. These were the days that I sat at my parents desk, loaded with a beautiful, shiny Compaq Presario 486DX66, whilst I stared deeply at my Geocite webpage. I was sat waiting for visitors, yet, those visitors never came. I was determined to never again start up a webpage. I still remain scarred from this experience.

A couple of months ago, after a few homebrews, I found the courage to try again. However, this time, I resolved to start slowly, and start by writing on a more established blog. I hoped that this would gain me some readership, and pave the way to a more successful blog. The problem that I was faced with, was finding a blog that would lend a hand to a fellow brewer. Luckily, I found that blog.

homebrew_dad_logoAfter contacting Olan, the owner of Homebrew Dad, I was amazed to hear back from him. He was willing to let me write a couple posts on his site. I will forever remain in his debt for this act of altruism. Olan is clearly dedicated to the homebrew community, and I wish him all the success in the world.

I have attempted to start of this blog with a bit of content. I didn’t want it to be one of those sites that lives by the ‘coming soon’ mantra. I hope that you enjoy the posts that I have put online for the initial startup of Grizzly Bear Loves Kolsch; however, it is important that all of my readers head over right now and check out Homebrew Dad’s site. If you’re so inclined, and I hope you are, then please have a read over my first two posts, that, as I’ve mentioned, Olan was kind enough to let me post on his site.

Thanks again to Olan, AKA Homebrew Dad. You can visit his website by clicking here. You can check out my first two posts on his site here, and here. 

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