About Me

My name is Cameron and I made this site. You’ll probably notice that my nickname is Grizzly Bear, and that I love home brewing Kölsch.

I decided to launch Grizzly Bear Loves Kölsch in 2014. It started out as a place for me to write and record my experiences home brewing Kölsch. What I didn’t know what that it would become (almost) as important as home brewing itself.

Home brewing Kölsch is a process that begs for perfection. Perfection requires planning and careful analysis. Developing Grizzly Bear Loves Kölsch motivated me to become better at both.

And because home brewing is so much fun, the home brewing community is flourishing. This is something I’m very proud to be a part of.

So whether it be through tutorials or articles, I love to help others brew Kölsch. I hope you find it useful.