How to Calculate Your Next Grain Bill from Scratch

How to Calculate the Grain Bill

Lately I’ve been using brewing software less and less. Sure, it makes recipe formulation ‘simple’. But you tend to forget (or perhaps your never knew?) how to calculate a grain bill from scratch.

Remember when you were in elementary school math class?

Did your teacher allow you to use a calculator before you could do the calculations by hand? I bet she didn’t…

The reason for this is simple: a calculator can do a calculation for you, but you’ll never really understand why it took 2, added 2 and came out with 4.

Brewing software is exactly the same.

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The Grist: the Mad Fermentationist, Brad Smith, HomebrewDad, Jon Abernathy

The Top 4 Homebrewing Blog Posts

Missed ’em? Here are the best homebrewing blog posts published during the week of 20.07.2015 – 26.07.2015.

The frugal brewer

The Mad Fermentationist:

Homebrewing is a hobby that always has a shiny new piece of gear to buy with your beer money.

I remember when I brewed my first batch of beer. I was living in a small, bachelor apartment in Leeds. You know, the type that you have to bend over sideways to cook a meal on the stove? That was me a few years ago.

I started because I was interested in the brewing process. And because I thought I could save some money.

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Book Review: Modern Homebrew Recipes: Exploring Styles & Contemporary Techniques

Modern Homebrew Recipes

It’s not often that I pick up a new book.

But when a new homebrewing book hits the shelves, I tend to get a little… well, giddy.

Take Gordon Strong’s new book, Modern Homebrew Recipes: Exploring Styles & Contemporary Techniques (1 May 2015).

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The Grist: Brulosophy, Home Brew Talk, Jason Notte, Tom Daykin

The Grist - 19.07.2015

Here’s this week’s top 4 posts from around the home brewing / craft beer community:

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2 Kölsch Fermentation Profiles and How to Perfect Them

2 Kölsch Fermentation Profiles and How to Perfect Them

Kölsch yeast is often referred to as being hybrid: a top fermenting ale yeast that can be fermented at lower temperatures. Just like a lager.

Because of this interesting characteristic, brewers have adopted specific Kölsch fermentation profiles unique to the style.

In this post I’ll discuss two Kölsch fermentation profiles and how you can perfect them using testable hypotheses.

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